2020-09-22: Finished: Lurking: How a Person Became a User by Joanne McNeil 📚

2020-09-19: Kiviranta! 🏒

2020-09-18: Finished reading: The Deficit Myth by Stephanie Kelton 📚

2020-09-14: Kiviranta! 🏒

2020-09-05: watching a shooting clinic by the Islanders 🏒

2020-08-17: That escalated quickly. 🏒

2020-08-17: Nice effort by Debrusk 🏒

2020-08-05: Yep. good goal. 🏒

2020-08-05: Challenge on the early Montreal goal. I didn’t see it. 🏒

2020-08-05: The Stars are looking really bad tonight. 🏒

2020-08-01: Great win for Montreal. 🏒

2020-04-04: i miss line dancing

2020-04-03: inline hockey workout was good today. 🏒

2020-01-21: Currently reading: Agency by William Gibson 📚

2020-01-08: At the pond for stick and puck. 🏒

2020-01-03: cool! registered (with indieauth) for next week’s austin indieweb meetup: …

2019-12-19: classy of eichel to sit out tonight’s game so as not to tie perreault’s sabres record …


2019-11-29: Currently reading: Serious Cryptography by Jean-Philippe Aumasson 📚

2019-11-05: watching montreal vs. boston 🏒

2019-09-30: je me joins à une ligue de hockey fantaisie 🏒

2019-09-30: on the bart

2019-08-07: at mozart’s coffee

2019-06-29: learning about autoauth at indieweb summit in portland

2019-06-06: First period was all Rask 🏒

2019-05-22: at machinehead coffee waiting for stick and puck at the pond 🏒

2019-04-24: at the pond for stick and puck 🏒

2019-04-03: at mozart’s coffee for homebrew website club

2019-03-30: installing ubuntu 18.10

2019-03-14: and now seguin misses empty net from 5 feet away! 🏒

2019-03-14: radulov offside on an empty net 🏒

2019-03-05: Zibanejad ejected for boarding. Surprised at the call. 🏒

2019-02-06: At the pond for stick and puck

2019-02-04: hoping goligoski is ok 🏒

2019-01-19: Currently reading: The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for a Human Future at the New …

2019-01-14: New test post from dialog android

2019-01-09: at mozart’s coffee for homebrew website club

2018-12-05: at mozart’s coffee for Homebrew Website

2018-11-28: baking in a new pair of skates

2018-11-08: at machinehead coffee before stick and puck at the pond 🏒

2018-11-07: at mozart’s for austin homebrew website club

2018-10-31: black star co-op has pumpkin spiced beer today

2018-10-10: comparison of and mastodon:…

2018-10-09: Cyrus Farivar book signing for Habeas Data tonight at Capital Factory: …

2018-10-03: at the austin homebrew website club at mozarts!

2018-09-28: at jo’s on 2nd

2018-09-08: my beer league hockey season starts tonight! 🏒

2018-09-05: at Austin Homebrew website club at

2018-08-27: Currently reading: Habeas Data: Privacy vs. the Rise of Surveillance Tech by Cyrus Farivar 📚

2018-08-01: at mozarts for homebrew website club

2018-07-11: at the pond for stick and puck

2018-06-30: Finished reading: Blockchain and the Law: The Rule of Code by Primavera De Filippi, Aaron Wright, …

2018-06-27: at heart coffee

2018-06-24: at seven virtues coffee

2018-06-24: arrived in portland.

2018-06-22: at the aerodrome for drop-in

2018-06-18: at the pond for stick and puck

2018-06-07: looking forward to tonight’s game 5. prediction: vegas 3 caps 1

2018-06-04: my last apple purchase was a II+ #WWDC

2018-05-21: watching game 6 tampa bay vs washington

2017-12-30: Snowboarding at Mont Sainte Anne. Weather not as bad as I was expecting.

2017-12-27: made it to quebec city. looking forward to some rest.

2017-12-20: At aerodrome ice for drop-

2017-12-18: Getting some work done at aerodr0me ice before drop-

2017-12-14: at radio coffee

2017-12-13: at halcyon coffee

2017-12-13: at jo’s coffee on 2nd

2017-12-12: at mozart’s coffee

2017-12-08: At little woodrow’

2017-09-06: I learned can send a webmention at the Austin HWC

2017-08-02: Investigating interoperability I mentioned.

2017-04-29: Good morning!